Monday, 14 November 2011


Oh, the week has just start, and so many things need to get done...!
Any who...I have been slacking on posting due to busy period in time, never the less; I will get back on board and continue updating every other day.
So, the chills are finally here, the winter coats are out, and the task begins into mastering the art of layering. The most important objective is to layer cleverly enough so that you don't end up looking like an Eskimo!
In this post I will include some boot examples that could be interpreted into any wardrobe to update any look.

 (From left to right)
Asos beige knee high boots
Aldo black wedge boots
Zara snake skin boots
Valentino beige boots
DV Paloma wedge boots
KG riding boots
Asos Blue ankle boots
Zara Beige ankle boots


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