Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Dotty chills!

As usual my park obsession has never left me. Still enjoying the last of the sunny spells, I took a walk in Hyde Park; observing people, leaves turning golden and sunset. It truly fascinates me how well the nature had been thought out. While in the spring we get to celebrate the blossoms of the woken up nature, in summer were filled with beautiful greenery and colourful nature paintings. And still by the autumn, we are left with golden hues of the falling leaves. It’s amazing!

My outfit choice was quite simple, consisting of a polka dotted skater dress, and a tan leather belt cinching in the waist. I love skater dresses and high waisted skirts as they do work miracles, they are flattering for any body shape, giving curves for those who are less curvy, and skim curves for the more curvy.

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  1. Beautiful pictures!