Monday, 31 October 2011

On the Bright side!

Truly beautiful scenery is on display everywhere.
The autumn is very inspiring to dress up. Today I decided to wear this gorgeous burnt orange colour knit dress from H&M. I had purchased it a year ago, and see that happens; the colour is very this season and bang on trend! I had paired it with this lovely pea coat (also from H&M which was purchased like 3 years ago…!) which is in this pretty Aztec print with orange and silver accents to match. I love fashion that is timeless or the clothes that will always look trendy no matter what season it is… it gives me a reason to invest in something that I know I will wear a lot, plus a sneaky way to treat myself to something luxurious…Like this favourite pair of tan leather boots! I think that every girl/woman/fashion fanatic should own a pair of simple tan boots, because let’s face it: they go with almost anything and have been around for years (and probably will be around in the future too, unless we are invaded with aliens and are made in to human robots that lack emotion, feeling and fashion sense etc.)
Any who, I had a lovely Sunday off, which I used to spend time enjoying watching the leaves fall, exploring the park, and then cosying up with a hot mint tea and a nice film (Midnight in Paris) which was oh so fantastic… a lovely Sunday before going back to college after a half term...!

Have a lovely week everyone!

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